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Pink Arrow Arts

35 Pine St. Montrose PA - Thurs-Sat 11-4
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Pink Arrow is a non-profit organization and every donation makes a difference.

If you would like to donate to Pink Arrow Arts to keep our programs and exhibits going,

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We appreciate every tax deductible donation we receive

we thank every person who made our 2023 year a success!

Every donation helps to further the art community in Susquehanna County.

We look forward to the exciting events and exhibits coming in 2024.

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    Current Exhibit: A Painted World

Exhibit will be from June 29th-July 27th
Gallery Opening June 29th from 4-6PM

Meet the Artists

The exhibit A Painted World features artists

Rachel Consolazio, Ethel Vrana, Joshua Hoffman and Mickey Campbell.

Each artist has something different to offer to this exhibit and helps the viewer envision

A Painted World.

Rachel Consolazio

Rachel Consolazio is a ceramic artist and watercolor painter. She grew up in the Southern Tier, attended Vestal Senior High School and received her BFA from Syracuse University School of Art. She worked as a freelance surface pattern designer, creating patterns for gift bags & wrap, wallcovering, baby apparel and more - changing her primary focus to clay in 2019.

Rachel’s ceramic work has been featured in gallery exhibitions across the country and she participates in multiple juried art festivals around the region every year. She is active in the local arts councils and enjoys connecting with other artists and creatives.

Botanical #1 $770.jpeg

Ethel Vrana

Ethel Vrana is an experienced abstract painter in the United States whose work has been exhibited regionally in both solo and group shows. Vrana has been painting ever since her mother gave her a professional set of oil paints for her 14th birthday, eventually going on to become an art teacher and continuing her practice. Her impressionistic landscapes have evolved into her current style of abstract painting, inspired by the fundamental forms of nature and the relationship between shapes and color. Vrana creates spontaneously using experimental techniques such as

acrylic collage, layer painting, and transparent inks.

"I am constantly intrigued by the endless variety of compositional structures and evocative arrangements of shapes, lines, and colors that offer new visual experiences."

Summer Day 2024 $295.jpeg

Joshua Hoffman

Joshua has been studying art for over 15 years. He began oil painting in college where he quickly fell in love with landscape and plein air painting. “There is something special about the connection a painter develops with their surroundings when they are routinely practicing plein air painting. Through utilizing this process, I have learned to reflect not only my physical surroundings, but also my personal experiences, which often are expressed through my use of enhanced colors and bold brush strokes.” Joshua also creates larger scale landscape works his studio which take reference from his plain air studies. Joshua’s aim is create works which are honest interpretations of places overlapped with the personal experience of being within these places. 

Joshua lives in Pittsburgh PA with his wife and two children. 

Impuestor de Arte.jpeg

Mickey Campbell

Mickey Campbell is a painter living in Orson, Pennsylvania and Merida, Yucatan.

His work is driven by the environments of those diverse places.

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Breakfast with the Arts

Join us on Saturday August 10 to hear award winning artist Jennifer Joseph discuss her life as an artist. Jennifer Joseph's work investigates themes of order, chaos, light and color, and is realized in paintings and installations. Breakfast is served at 9:30AM. Lecture begins at 10AM.​

Breakfast with the Arts 

We have an exciting line up for our Breakfast with the Arts series this year! 

Speakers and Event Date


Jennifer Joseph

August 10th

Michael Husted

September 14th

Chris Knickerbocker

October 12th

Erwin Redl

November 9th

Tickets are $10. To purchase tickets, please click the button below.

Classes in August 2024

Friday Night Drawing Session

with artist Mary McPherson

Friday August 16th 5-7PM

Bring your own supplies or use ours (limited supply).

Cost for entry is $10. No experience needed.

Walk-ins welcome as long as we aren't at capacity

& class hasn't been cancelled.

A minimum of two students must be

previously signed up in order to hold this class

To find out more about instructor Mary McPherson please visit

Cosmic/Tarot Card Workshop

with artist Vanessa White Fernandes

Saturday August 17th 1-3PM

Artist Vanessa White Fernandes will teach

students to create fun and inspiring cosmic cards!

Students will make their own version of a two sided

affirmation card, tarot card or both!

Cost for the class is $35 and materials will be provided.

A minimum of two students must be

previously signed up in order to hold this class

To find out more about instructor Vanessa White Ferandes please visit

Vanessa White Fernandes - Founder and Leader - The Hugging Army | LinkedIn


En Plein Air Watercolor Class

with artist Richard Henry

Saturday August 24th 10AM-3PM

Richard Henry will have an En Plein Air Watercolor Workshop. Students will meet at Pink Arrow Arts & go to a nearby outdoor location to paint. Students should bring watercolor paints, brushes, water container, masking tape, pencil & hard surface to paint on or easel.

Experience is suggested. Ages18+.

A minimum of two students must be

previously signed up in order to hold this class

To find out more about instructor Richard Henry please visit

Watercolor Painting
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